Social Studies

By: Jasmine

Manifest Destiny Painting

The large women you see below is known as ¨progress¨. To the far left, you can see Indians running with baffle away from, what I believe to be, the Colonist. In the background, you can see 3 trains heading the same direction as everything else. The river that has the boat over in the right hand corner, are also head the same direction as everything else.

You can also see in the top left corner, mountains in the darkness. I believe the mountains are the Appalachian mountains. But then again I could be wrong. The clouds that are dark and glumly hang over the Natives, the wolf-dog thing it the bottom left hand corner, and the mountains. While behind the women, are bright clear skies and people peacefully moving west. While the Natives looked rushed.

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Main Routes

In order for colonist to travel west to get rich fast, they needed to take one of four routes. There is the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, and California Trial.

The Oregon Trail:

this trail is colored green below and leads from Fort Hall to Oregon City. If you were to take this route than you would have to cross rocky mountains. But this trip would be costly, coming in at a $600 cost.

The Mormon Trail:

This trail is in a blueish-green and leads from Council Bluffs to Los Angeles. When the Mormons traveled west they made a church and traveled all the way from New York.

The Santa Fe Trail:

This trail is in purple and leads from Fort Smith to Santa Fe. This trail is also known with natives because this was their ancient trading route. It was also very dangerous

The California Trail:

This trail is in blue and leads from San Francisco to San Diego. California's trip took about 6 month because it was 2,000 miles long.

All together, the main problem was the lack of food, supplies, and water. Food and supplies wasn't the only factor. The harsh weather conditions played a large roll in the traveling to the west.

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Texas Revolution

The Texas Revolution was after the battle of San Jacinto. It was now declared as independent nation but many US citizens wanted it annex Texas and admit it into the union. Jackson wouldn't put Texas into the union because it would disturb the balance between slave and free states.

The Battle of the Alamo

The Battle of the Alamo lasted for more than 4 weeks. Even though William Travis' troopers fought long and hard, General Santa Anna killed everyone. In the end, over 350 prisoners were executed.
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Battle of San Jacinto

Defeat came swiftly for Santa Anna. Sam Houston army surrounded Santa Anna. When captured, they were forced to sign a treaty granting Texas freedom.
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The Mexican American War

In 1821, Mexico gained independence from Spain and adapted a republicans constitution in 1824. Later on,Stephen F. Austin started the Texas colony in 1822 when they were under Mexican law. Most people who wanted to colonize in the Texas region, brought slave to Texas. Mexico decided to end further settlement in 1830. On March 2, 1836, this was when Texas declared independence from Mexico. This was when Texas started the Battle of Alamo. The battle of Alamo was lead by General Santa Anna V.Colonel William Travis. For two weeks, the battle went on until the wall was no longer able to hold up. The battle of Alamo took over 350 prisoners. Interestingly, Texas was considered by President Andrew Jackson. Even though many wanted US to annex Texas and admit it to the union. President Andrew Jackson didn't want was war Mexico. Jackson eventually recognized Texas and a peace treaty was signed with Mexico in 1844.

The Mexican American war increased tension between Mexicans and Americans. Why? Settler moving west to California and Texas. General Zachery Taylor was set to buy New Mexico form the Mexicans in order to settle the dispute. But instead Mexican troop attacked General Taylor's troops near the Rio Grande border, one out of the two borders. America had the advantage of winning the battle because they had better equipment and weapons. But sadly they were in poor conditions. Some were ill and all together they were outnumbered. Later, America declares California free from the Mexican. How did it all end? American troops push south to Mexico City where they forced Mexico to surrender. This is how the treaty of Guadalupe was made. Setting California, Nevada, and Utah free from Mexico and increasing American lands 25%.