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The Grace Museum is pleased to offer distance learning virtual field trips to schools across the nation and throughout the world!

Distance Learning at The Grace Museum involves launching a real-time, interactive experience for teachers and students of all ages. Teachers who register for a program will be able to download a resource packet full of pre- and post- activities for their class. The programs are TEKS and TAKS aligned, and are based on national teaching standards as well.

Any program may be requested at your preferred date/time by contacting or (325)673-4587.

To view our scheduled programs go to Connect2Texas and select The Grace Museum from the program filter.

Bently & Egg

Grades: K-2

Cost: $55

Length: 45 minutes

Listen, Discuss and Create!

Bently & Egg by William Joyce. Bently Hopperton is a young frog with an artistic temperament. When his friend Kack Kack asks him to watch her egg disaster happens- Bently Hopperton to the rescue. The book will be read together during the class, talk about eggs decorating, do a little problem solving, and create stick puppets.

Creepy Carrots!

Grades: K-2

Cost: $55

Length: 45 minutes

Have in interactive reading experience with Creepy Carrots, the Caldecott Honored book, by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown. Students will have the book read to them then will be challenges to figure out shadows, shapes, and words in an booklet that will be mailed to your school. Finally students will practice in a drawing exercise. The class is fun, interactive and not too creepy. The Book is about a young rabbit that sees carrots in every shadow. It is a clever and fun book. Each student, up to 30, will get a booklet and crayon.

Draw Like Picasso

Grades: 2-6

Cost: $35

Length: 50 minutes

Your students will take a quick trip through the life of the artist Picasso. Learn about his styles of art, what influenced him, and how he influenced other artists. Then it is time to create! Each student will learn to draw a portrait in Picasso’s cubist style. During the connection the students will follow step-by-step instructions to complete their work of art. There will need to have a teacher willing to listen and help keep the students on track. Each student will need a 9x12 sheet of white paper, crayons, a pencil, and a black marker.

A Yeehaw! Christmas

Grades: PreK-5

Cost: $30

Length: 45 minutes

Ya’ll come and have fun as we read “Texas Night Before Christmas” by James Rice. Get a heaping taste of Texas culture from days gone by, then get up and learn the Texas Two Step! This will be a hoe down you won’t want to miss.

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