Kitchen Design Consultant

Olivia Kane

Pay / Increase Income

$47,600 per year is the annual salary median for for the career.

There are multiple ways that can make you paycheck go up. Such as tips, working overtime and Bonuses, also level of experience, and level of training or degree. Otherwise the median pay for kitchen design makes $22.85/ hour

How to Become a Kitchen Design Consultant.

Step 1: Get a Degree in college.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) currently accredits programs of various levels (certificate, associate's and bachelor's degree) that have special emphasis on kitchen design. Basic design principal, business ethics, pluming, and construction.

Step 2: Gain Experience in the Work Force

Get as much experience by getting jobs and planning your future ahead of time. In your certification high school and college experience.

Step 2 become licensed to be a Interior Designer.

You need to become certified to become a Kitchen Designer Consultant.


A step up from a Kitchen Design Consultant is a Food Service Consultant.

Job Description.

Designs kitchens for clients including cabinets, flooring, and counters. They help decide kitchen goals for client and help them accomplish them. They design kitchens for restaurants and cafeterias.

Work Hours

Through businesses and large companies the Kitchen Design Consultant work regular hours for example Monday thru Friday 8am to 5 pm. For people that are private contracters work longer hours because they have a deadline. 54,900 jobs are avalible in the us.

Similar Careers.

Interior Designers and Art Directors.

Pros and Cons of this Career.


Good employment opportunities

Potential independence

Chance to use your creative side

Can work in many industries


Requires a bachelor's degree to get started*

Can be stressful (very deadline-driven)

Need to use complex graphic technology to craft designs

Must be able to be sensitive to what the client wants

Is this job a possibility for me

Yes and no. I could do this. But I am not interested in this type of career. I am not really into home improvement. I could get a degree to do this. I don't want to, due to lack of interest.

Two things you can prepare to due this job.

1) Get good grades so you can get into a decent college.

2) Get as much work experience as you can to prepare you into the workforce.