Bynagle Bulletin

December 8, 2014

Dates to Remember

December 9 - Winter Concert at HHS 6:30pm

December 9 - Bake Sale

December 11 - Wooden Spoon Book Report Due

December 18 - Orca Olympics

December 18 - Dress like your Favorite Sports team/Athlete Day

December 19 - No School - End of Quarter 2 - Teacher In-service

December 22 - January 2 Winter Break

Christmas Concert at 6:30pm on Tuesday

We need Bake Sale items

Classroom Happenings

This week we made HUGE leaps in reading, writing, and math.

In math we reviewed our understanding of addition and subtraction of decimals at the beginning of the week and will soon be multiplying decimals. Decimals and fractions are a big part of fifth grade curriculum, and right now your child is working diligently to master decimals!

In writing we wrote our first five paragraph essay. We planned, drafted, and revised all week. On Friday your child typed and published their essay. We will be presenting the completed work in the hallway next week. Learning the organization of expository essays is a huge fifth grade skill, and we made a great deal of progress with that learning this week.

Finally, in social studies we concluded our unit on "Why Europeans Left for the New World". Students revisited the items excavated from the sunken ship last week and asked the question: "What does this item tell us about the people traveling on the ship?" Was this item a motive for exploration, a new technology that allowed the exploration to happen, or a product discovered in the New World? The discussions students shared as they reviewed the items were insightful.

What's Next

We have a loaded upcoming week. On Monday we will be going to the high school to practice our music concert in the afternoon, and on Tuesday students will have a preview of the Little Shoppers Shop. Tuesday evening is our Christmas Concert and Bake Sale. (The concert starts at 6:30, but students need to be at the high school by 6:00). On Thursday we will be taking an expository writing assessment. Also, our Wooden Spoon book reports are due on Thursday. Wow! That's a lot to get done!

There is A LOT going on this next week. On top of the additional activities, students will be taking a district writing assessment. On Wednesday I will be presenting students with the prompt and on Thursday we will be taking the assessment. It is important that students arrive to school on time and with a good breakfast. The writing assessment requires students to write an essay to a given prompt in one 60minute period without assistance. If students arrive late, or are absent for the assessment, a make-up period will be required the following week.

5th Grade Bake Sale

For those of you who have volunteered to provide baked goods to sell at the Christmas Concert, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Please send the baked goods to school with your child on Tuesday. All items should be individually wrapped, for quick and easy sale.

(You may also drop the baked goods off at the bake sale booth when you arrive at the concert, if that works best for you. The bake sale will open at 6pm, so all items will need to arrive slightly before, or right at 6.)