PFES - Board Report

August 18, 2021

School Year Kickoff Inservice

The PFES inservice time is divided into three categories of time, All-District, Principal, and Teacher/Classroom. About 2/3's of the time is allocated to the teacher/classroom. Teachers use that time to prepare their rooms and this year, prepare the Illustrative Math curriculum materials. Other small group meetings are occurring during that time as well such as data analysis report planning, Peaceful Playgrounds rollout, Positive Behavior and Intervention, Response to Intervention, and Professional Learning Community leaders meetings.

Principal meetings include all staff/teachers. For example, on the first day we covered, per leadership from Mr. Schulte, a Strategic Plan review and a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats, or SWOT activity about our building. We also reviewed the PFES Staff Handbook and the PFES Parent/Student Manual. The purpose of this work is to continuously improve our processes and the consistency of how we operate. Staff in the building also completed the legally required pieces of training during that time.

Much of the conversation about the strategic plan recognized we were making great progress and COVID slowed or stopped much of the work. We also recognized that communicating the progress of the strategic work of the district is hard if the work is not directly relevant. I will talk about that with Mr. Palzkill to see if there is a way to improve. Also, the review did educate everyone about the district which will help our staff "tell our story." We didn't have time for a detailed summary conversation of the SWOT review, but I intend to look for themes and develop actions we can take from the exercise.

Illustrative Mathematics Work

Adopting a new curriculum is a major endeavor for staff. These photos show just part of the work. Teachers also need to learn about the new curriculum, teaching protocols, and plan lessons for each day. These photos show you why being very organized is a critical skill for teachers to be successful with students.

Safety: Iloveuguys rollout for staff

Each principal will train their staff using a PowerPoint provided by the iloveuguys foundation that teaches the "lexicon." Lexicon means the "language of a branch of knowledge." So, it is relevant for you to know, we are making improvements to how we communicate during an emergency such as a fire drill or intruder, but we are not changing our Standard Operating Procedures that were created following our safety audit from 2018. When our students come back we will also train them and practice using our normal drill schedule.

Darlene Carl has assisted by updating our signage that is posted in all district classrooms. I will be checking to see how this signage is deployed and assisting where needed.

Safety: All Hazards Safety Plan

Our District Safety plan includes low, medium, and high-level risk events with plans. An example of a low-level risk event example would be a flood. Principals review that information annually, but we do not review it with staff or train for it. An example of a medium-level event would be a power outage or, ironically, a pandemic. Principals review the SOP's for these events with their staff annually at this time of year, but we don't train for these events. There are three high-level risk events we review with staff and students and we drill or practice annually which are fire, tornado, and an intruder/active shooter. All of this work is planned in advance with target dates in our calendars. Then, after the training occurs, we identify the time, the number of participants, exact time and any debrief recommendations for future drills.

Communications Plan Work

The principals have transitioned back to "Monday Memo's as indicated in the plan from the summer "monthly memo." We have also increased our monthly parent updates to weekly for the start of school and then will return to the planned monthly memos for parents.

The Facebook change to one district page has been received positively by people I have talked with on the subject. I would like to thank Chad for his work on that project.

Looking Forward

August 23 - 3:00 to 7:00 PM Open House

August 26 - 11:30 AM District Picinic at Hines Park

Sept 1 - First Day of School

Sept 17 - School Pictures