Genocides in Iraq

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What is a genocide?

The definition of the word genocide is a deliberate killing of a massive group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group. A couple synonyms for this excruciating word would be mass murder and homicide. The war between the U.S and the Iraqi forces is a prime example of a genocide. Another example of a genocide would be the devastating era of the holocaust.

Genocides in Iraq

Everything you need to know about the war in Iraq

Over 1 million killed since 2003. Over 3 million excess deaths from 1990 until 2003. Billions of life-years lost in suffering. The attack is not only on a supreme country. It is an attack on international law. This horrific war consisted of 2 crucial phases. 60 percent of the deaths were from being shot and 12 percent were from car bombs. Another 1,800 died from the lack of medical treatment. Americans killed roughly 4 percent of the Iraqi population. The population of Iraq in 2003 was about 25 million. Killing 4 percent meant that they killed 1 million Iraqi people.


  1. there were 34 total POWS. (prisoner of war)
  2. over 55,000 civilians died
  3. over 3,000 protests about the Iraq war
  4. 36 million people across the globe took place in protests
  5. there was a rally of 3000 people in Rome
  6. That was the largest ever anti-war protest in history
2003: President Bush announces invasion of Iraq


In conclusion, the depressing word genocide can be related with many devastating events in history. The holocaust is a prime example of a genocide and is very similar to the war in Iraq. The holocaust was the genocide of millions of Jews.