PE And Health With Mr. Hall

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PE K-2nd Grades

Last week we began a throwing and catching unit. Last week we focused on basic catching and throwing for developing hand-eye coordination. We began by sitting across from a partner, while rolling a ball back and forth. Afterwards we stood across from a partner and underhand tossed the ball back and forth working on catching and throwing. As we progressed we practiced overhand throwing and catching with our partner. The goal this week is to continue the practice and experiment with increasing the gap between partners. For games we played Battleship and Ball Moving Challenge. Battleship is played with a set of floor pads standing up dividing two teams on the gymnasium floor. Each team places mini bowling pins (as their battleships) strategically to avoid getting them knocked down. Each team cannot see the other team's pins. The two teams begin launching soft/ padded balls over the divider to the opponent’s side of the floor. The first team to knock the opponent's pins down wins. All classes thoroughly enjoyed this! The Ball Moving Challenge divides the class into teams. Each team has to throw small, soft balls at a large (beach style ) ball in the middle of the floor, to knock the ball towards the opposing team’s floor space. The first team that moves the ball far enough on the opposing side wins. This game was played by 1st and 2nd grade only. As with Battleship, this was a big hit. Although fun, these games are designed to enhance hand-eye coordination, and throwing objects with accuracy.

PE 3rd-6th Grade

Last week we continued the soccer unit. We held full games with each team rotating positions with every shot attempt or goal. This was the first week that the field position rotation was well understood by all, and they basically did it on their own. I assigned captains (picked via best behavior) for each team and put them in charge of making sure that all students rotated through field positions smoothly. We discussed a future unit on baseball or football. The early vote was a football unit. So I have introduced throwing footballs. We will be working on technique, and having partners play catch with footballs before introducing field positions and games. When I teach a unit I don't approach it like a coach. I want all students to experience all positions during games so they can comprehend the game from inside out. We will obviously be playing flag football so physical contact is not required to end the play. We do have Spike Ball equipment, so I might give them that option, and teach football and Spikeball together and rotate them daily, or within the day. I like to keep it changing so that fatigue does not interfere with the actual learning process.


For K-2nd grade we will be simply learning how to wash hands. I'm going to show a brief video, have a discussion, and then use the classroom sinks for everyone to demonstrate a useful technique.

For 3rd-6th grades, we will be learning about stress. We will define it, learn how it affects daily life, and how to manage the effects cognitively and with exercise. I think this is important as most students are still coping with post-pandemic social/ learning adjustments, which can add to regular and daily stress.

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