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Malaysia is the best country in the whole south east Asia.Ir your company revolves around oil you would love our country. Our country is also very beautiful land and we have 26.5 million people that could give u money in a kind of small country. Our country relies on oil and without out it many people around the world would have nothing so keep the cycle going fellow oil companies.So come to Malaysia we need you.

Slogan - Malaysia "the fantasy of the world"


One of the main geography land forms is the Petronas building in downtown Malaysia.

Th Petronas building is like the twin towers except it has a sky walk half way through the building. The climate of Malaysia is hot and humid most of the year with a small amount of rain. The highest temperature ever recorded in Malaysia is 104 and the lowest is 46.

People and Culture.

The main language and culture in Malaysia is the Muslim. A part of the Muslim culture says that women should cover their head because they don't want to be judged by what they look like. Architecture in Malaysia consists of many stiles Islamic and Chinese brought to Malaysia by the Europeans. Due to those architect cultures the colonists in north Malaysia have their homes looking like the homes in Thailand.

The food that the Malaysian's eat are mostly Chinese, Indian, and Thai.Most of these religions are mostly ate in Malaysia because Malaysia is very ancient.The Malaysian's are not used to the spice that the Indians and Chinese bring in their dish. Malaysian restaurants make the food sweeter because their people are not used to spicy food.

The holidays of Malaysia are Hari Merdika. Hari Merdika is the independence day of Malaysia, the day that it comes on is April 31st. Another holiday is the kings birthday many people outside Malaysia would not have this day but in Malaysia is called a "holiday".Their is a day called Malaysia day held on September 16th, it celebrates the formation during the union.

Top 10 historical events:

1.Gains independence
2.Presidents birthday celebration
3.During the 1700s Malaysia opened a dock when the trade between Britan and China grew greater.
4.Anglo-Dutch Treaty formed in 1824 set boundaries between the Britain, China and India.
5.The Islam practicing got even greater
6.World War 2
7. United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) is founded by Onn bin Jaafar in 1946
8.Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is named prime minister as Mahathir resigns after 22 yearsin 2003
9.Independence Day
10.Abdullah wins landslide general election victory in 2004

Government & Citizenship

Elections in Malaysia exist at two levels: national level and state level. National level elections are those for membership in the Dewan Rakyat. The lower house of Parliament, while state level elections are for membership in the various State Legislative Assemblies. The head of the executive branch, the Prime Minister, is indirectly elected.The supreme law of the land,the Constitution of Malaysia, sets out the legal framework and rights of Malaysian citizens.

Federal laws enacted by the Parliament of Malaysia apply throughout the country. There are also state laws enacted by the State Legislative Assemblies which applies in the particular state. The constitution of Malaysia also provides for a unique dual justice system—the secular laws (criminal and civil) and sharia laws.To cast a vote in the country of Malaysia you have to be 21 or older.The Ministry of Education (Kementerian Pendidikan) handles matters pertaining to pre-school, primary school, secondary school, post-secondary school and tertiary education .


Traditionally, Malaysia’s economy used to be focus on producing rubber, tin, and palm oil, and has been propelled by the country’s large amounts of natural resources, especially petroleum and liquefied natural gas. The local labor force has witnessed the shift from an economy based on agriculture and mining towards one fuelled by the petrochemical industries in the 1970s and 1980s.

These days, a considerable number of people are still employed in Malaysia’s secondary sector, and it is one of the world’s largest exporters of electrical goods, semiconductors, and IT/CT products. However, many industries are in decline. This development is due to competition from other low-cost economies as well as the targeted expansion of the services sector.

Employment shares are spread across the three sectors as follows: 47% of the active population is working in Malaysia’s services sector, 41% are still employed in various industries, but only 12% of the active population work in the agricultural sector.

Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, has been a trade hub for centuries. Since the beginning of history, Malacca has served as a fundamental regional commercial center for Chinese, Indian, Arab and Malay merchants for trade of precious goods. Today, Malaysia shares healthy trade relations with a number of countries, specifically the US. The country is associated with trade organizations, such as APEC, ASEAN and WTO. The ASEAN Free Trade Area that was established for trade promotion among ASEAN members also has Malaysia as its founding member. Malaysia has also signed Free Trade Agreements with countries including Japan, Pakistan, China and New Zealand.

Exxon Mobile

Exxon mobile would want to come to Malaysia for many reasons. One is if they are doing so well in the United States of America then Malaysia has more oil they will make more money. There is much more people in much more lively than the USA.It would over all be eisier to sell in one of the worlds biggest oil countries.


Chevron would want to invest and keep their business in Malaysia. Chevron is an amazing company and Malaysia can make them more popular and they can make tons of money.Many people need oil especially in a very constructional country. Over all they should come no matter what because there company would get 100 times more popular in foregn countries.


Gensler should come to Malaysia for many reasons. The architecture in Malaysia is very advanced and Gensler has done high tech architecture .Many people are moving to Malaysia right now and it is growing with the people. They will also make much more money that they are making in the USA.

Tom thumb

Tom thumb should come to Malaysia because of our population.They will get a lot of money because Malaysia isn't used to American food and might eat more American food. Also Malaysia is a country that is open to new companies that could advertise it better around the world. Many reasons but they will make money and thats what it is about.


Apple is a software and a technology company. Apple isn't doing to good in the US because now other companies are selling there products to. But in Malaysia they have never had a company that gave them as much technology as the USA. They would make money in short amount of time now tell me whats better than that