The Dangers of Malware and How to Avoid It - Caleb Shields

What is Malware?

Malware is a blend of Malicious and Software, meaning malware is any sort of software that is intended to damage or disable a computer or a computer system.
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How do I spot malware?

A lot of times, malware can come as a download for a program that seems like a helpful program, and will also use very loose terms to hide the fact that it is malware. Also some malware comes as an add-on to other programs, claiming to be something that will benefit your computer in one way or another, and if you just keep hitting accept assuming it's part of the original program, they can attack your computer. They can also show up as a browser page, seeming like they have detected viruses on your computer. Trust your anti-virus programs to detect things like this.
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How do I defend against malware?

If you don't know what it is, don't download it. A lot of these add on programs let you decide whether you want to download them or not, but they do it sneakily. If you look a little more carefully, you'll be able to see them and stop them from downloading. Also, anti-virus programs are helpful, but they won't always block all types of malware. There are certain anti-malware programs out there, such as Malwarebytes that help defend against malware and will remove it even after it is on your computer, which is something an anti-virus might not do.