Chemistry Textbook Page

Chemical Changes and Physical Properties

Chemical Change

A chemical change is the result of a reaction which creates one of more substances with different chemical properties. When this occurs,

  • the appearance of a new substance
  • irreversible change has occurred
  • the absorption or release of energy

You can find chemical changes in your daily lives too, such as, moldy bread and when you bake a cake!

How would you know when a chemical change has occured?

Physical Properties

A physical property is the description of the state of a particular matter. For instance, texture, color, shape, and size are some of the many examples of a physical property.

Matter can be defined by physical and chemical properties since everything- birds, books, tables, and even you- are made of matter.

Talk with an elbow partner on 3 other examples of physical properties!

Given the definition of what a physical property is, can you figure out what a chemical property is?