Nonverbal Communication

Avoiding the Approach of the Street Seller

There are seven forms of nonverbal communication that is assumed to be universal happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, and interest. These seven forms of communication were recently brought to my attention in the lesson presented by Dr. Garner. While in Rome and Greece where I cannot speak the native language I used two different forms of nonverbal communication to show my disinterest and both had different results. While in Greece I would often say I do not want to buy anything with a look of disgust or indifference this often resulted in their attempt to try and bargain with me or convince me to look at their product. However, while I was in Rome anytime I saw a vendor I would say "oooo" or raise my eyebrows to act as if I had legitimate interest in their product then swiftly walk away. This caused no petitioning to look at their product. I hypothesize this to be the case because they thought they had already captured my attention. After this split-second interaction I would walk away resulting in my feeling of triumph. (Although I do concede I did feel slightly dirty for leading them on). Both methods involved nonverbal communication but had different results.