The Hunting Ground

By: Bectzaida Roman


In the documentary " The Hunting Ground", through the elements of pathos, personal interviews, and statistics show what truly happens to those girls who get sexually assaulted on college campus, and that colleges should seek greater consequences and actually do something about the reports they get, they shouldn't hide it they should be held responsible for it.


The overall purpose of the documentary " The Hunting Ground", is to show the truth about sexual assaults that happen on college campus and to show that they never seem to do anything or take any sexual assault serious but yet college presidents claim this, "95 % of college presidents say institutions handle sexual assault reports "appropriately" ( Gallup Survey 2014). What the director really wants is to encourage other females to speak up about the truth. I think the director was successful in achieving that purpose using the following elements, personal interviews, pathos, and statistics.

Personal Interviews



The third element that the director used in " The Hunting Ground" is statistics. In the documentary there was many statistics given. For example " 88% of women sexually assaulted on campus do not report." It is shocking to see how many women do not report but they do it because they are afraid of being judged or they believe that the college will not do anything. Another stat that I found interesting was the following, " In 2012, 45% of colleges reported zero sexual assaults." We all know that their had to be some sexual assaults but of course the colleges will never be truthful because they want to keep getting peoples money by going to their college. Lastly " Repeat offenders commit an average of six or more acts of sexual assaults." The reason to which why the keep doing it is because they know that they will not have any consequences. These statistics help the documentary because it shows the audience why their needs to be something else done. It shows the reality of the girls that are sexually assaulted.


Overall after watching the film " The Hunting Ground", I feel a more stronger view about girls who get sexually assaulted on college campus. I would always think of the girls who got sexually assaulted but never imagined that so many girls got sexually assaulted on college campus. This documentary has impacted me because I would never like to see anybody get sexually assaulted most importantly not my daughter. It also made me a little scared to go off to college and know that one out of every four girls get sexually assaulted while in college.