Jefferson Elementary

February Newsletter - 2016

Principal's Corner

During the month of February and in celebration of Valentines Day, Jefferson staff and students celebrate friendship and kindness. We respect each other and are kind to ourselves. Please discuss this message at home with your child during this month. On that note, many thanks for all your support from home! The help you give your children makes a HUGE difference in their learning and growth at school. I am so proud of the students and teachers at Jefferson. The report cards were great fun to read! ~ so many exciting comments about children’s hard work, improvement, success and impressive growth. These next two months are prime learning months and we are excited to work with the kids at Jefferson. Together, we make a GREAT team!

Counselor's Corner

We focused a lot on kindness and friendship during the month of February. Many of the counselor lessons this month focus on how being mean can leave lasting scars and one kind act can lead to another. This is a good time to remind your child to be an “Up-Stander” should they witness hurtful behavior. Some practical advice on encouraging upstanding behavior:

We can encourage our kids by reminding them to include as many kids as possible and invite those who may be alone. There is strength in numbers. They can be the “one”.

Practice with your child what they would say if they saw someone being bullied or hurt. Prepare them to say “stop, that’s not OK and that’s not funny.”

Teach them kindness, forgiveness and tolerance.

Set a good example by speaking up against intolerance in your own life and refusing to participate in gossip- send the message that any kind of bullying is not OK.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all . Aristotle

Jefferson Student Are Outstanding!

Up-Coming Events

From the Jefferson Calendar

February - Boys Basketball, Check Individual Schedules

February 4th - Honor Roll Assembly

February 5th - 5th Grade to Snow School

February 11th - All School Assembly - Utah High School Orchestra Assembly

February 11th - 5th Grade to Silent Film Assembly

February 12th - NO SCHOOL - District In-service

February 15th - NO SCHOOL - President's Day

February 19th - 2nd Grade Presentations - Musicians in the Classroom

February 24th - 4th Grade to Philharmonic

February 24th - SPRING PICTURE DAY, reminders and order forms will be coming home later this month


Read Across America / Dr. Suess Week is February 29 - March 4th. Watch for upcoming information on some fun activities we will be doing that week.

*Please check the Jefferson web page for more details on upcoming events

Cold and Flu Season

With cold and flu season well underway, Jefferson could use a few supplies to help out. If you are able to donate some Kleenex, Chlorox Whipes, or Hand Sanitizer to your students classroom, please send them in with your student to their teacher.

We thank you for your support.

Winter Weather is Still Here

With cold temperatures, rain, and snow still in the forcast, make sure to send your kids to school with warm clothing and jackets.

Lost and Found - Many jackets have been left at school so if you are missing anything, please have them check out our lost and found.