National Chocolate Day

The Sweetest Day of the Year!

This Sweet Day is Coming Up!

Get ready, because on October 28th, Robious Middle School is going to celebrate National Chocolate Day! Not only just Robious Middle, but the whole world! Maybe you don't know about this delicious day, but you will after October 28th! Everyone needs a sweet treat once in a while! You may think you know everything about chocolate, but do you really? This unofficial holiday is the perfect chance to find out more! Also, if everyone had a whole day to celebrate chocolate, most likley, people won't eat as much. Please, celebrate the ooey, gooey, light and luxurious chocolate of any kind with us!

National Chocolate Day

Monday, Oct. 28th 2013 at 8am

Robious Elementary School, Midlothian, VA, North America

Midlothian, VA

Make sure you know when this unofficial holiday is!