May 25, 2018

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This school year has been a BLAST in 6th grade Science. The last major project for the 2017-2018 school year was to make and launch a 2-liter bottle rocket. This project involves lots of problem solving, especially if things don't work the first time.

The 21st-century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking are an important part of the Common Core standards.

The students have experienced the THRILL OF VICTORY and the AGONY OF DEFEAT, if the rocket did not survive and/or parachute did not come out. Here are several pictures that some of the students were able to capture.

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7th Grade Math

Students in Mr. Vander Veer’s 7th grade math classes have been learning about perimeter, area, and volume. They recently completed a project where they had to calculate the amount of grass seed needed to cover their entire yard. Students gained information about their yard and house using Beacon. The kids calculated the total area of their property while taking into consideration the areas of items that wouldn’t require grass seed such as their house, sheds, and driveways. Once they knew the area of their yard, they shopped online to determine the number of bags required to seed their entire property as well as the total cost for the project. The kids enjoyed using Beacon to research information about their houses. They were also very surprised by the total cost if they were to actually complete this project at home.


At this point in the year, all physical fitness testing is done, we save the few make-ups that are left, and we finish the year off with Table Tennis. The students typically love this unit and it’s a great end of the year unit. Here are some pics from our 7th graders playing.

Music Students Study and Perform:

The KMS vocal music concert was held May 17, 2018 at KPAC. Each individual grade performed three pieces. To close, all three grades combined to form a mass choir and performed three pieces which closed with a performance of “Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters. For this song, the choir was accompanied by a 3-piece rock band which included Marcus Peterson on electric guitar, high school band director Ben McCartney on electric bass, and Doug Beary on drums. Along with the choral performances, there were multiple individual and small group performances that students prepared outside of the school day. Rehearsals for extra performances included evenings, weekends, and other personal times. Solos and small group pieces were performed before the concert, and during stage changes. There were multiple student greeters and concert orators as well.

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7th Grade General Music Students are learning how to perform a blues bass progression on xylophones. This eventually leads to students improvising (creating their own music) and transferring the progression and improvisation to pianos. Students are able to make connections between music and American History, as the blues was a product of music created by African-American slaves and European plantation owners.

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6th Grade General Music Students are learning about Beethoven and are ready to begin to learn how to play “Ode to Joy” on the piano with both hands. 6th Grade Students have also been studying the anatomy of the ear (because Beethoven was completely deaf when he composed his 9th Symphony), and instruments of the orchestra.

Summer Drivers Education Classes

Driver Education will again be offered this spring at Knoxville High School through Triple ‘R’ Driving School. There will be two sessions offered at KHS in the summer of 2018.

  • The first summer session will begin Tuesday, June 5th and conclude on Saturday, June 16th. This session will include classroom hours every day except Sunday for three hours (8-11am).
  • The second summer session will begin Monday, July 16th and conclude on Friday, July 27th. This session will include classroom hours every day except Sunday for three hours (8-11am).
    • Mr. Grimm & Mr. Rump will be the in car and classroom instructors for these sessions. Registration forms are available HERE, in the High School office, or can be accessed from the website

Families who wish to enroll their student should complete the registration form and return the bottom portion to the high school or middle school office, or mail the registration form to the address listed on the form.

For those families who qualify for free or reduced tuition, please indicate that on the bottom of the registration form you turn it. As a reminder, in order to receive the free and reduced benefit, students must take drivers education through the school affiliated provider (Triple R Driving School).

Questions concerning the summer drivers education program at KHS? Please contact Mr. Rump at 319-470-6975 or e-mail @

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Farm Fest at West

Friday, May 11th was Farm Fest Day at West Elementary. Students enjoyed a variety of activities and even witnessed the principal, Mrs. Abbott kissing a pig to reward them for their growth in reading over the school year. Thank you to all the organizations and people that helped make this special day possible for our students.

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Two class options:

  • Morning classes are 8:15 to 11:00, Tues.-Fri. OR
  • Afternoon classes are 12:00-2:45, Tues.-Fri.

To register, complete these forms and return to Sue at the West Elementary Office. Questions? Please contact Sue at 641-842-2185 opt. 1

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Fees, Fines, & Meal Account Balances

As the end of the 2017-18 school year draws near, now is a good time to check to make sure all past due registration fees, computer fines and/or negative lunch balances have been paid. All payments can be made through parent/guardian account at Check this off your list so you're ready to start the 2018-19 out fresh with no past dues to be paid! Questions? Please contact or 641-842-6551 opt. 1.

Preparing for 2018-19 School Year

Now is a great time to make appointments for physicals, eye and dental appointments, medication refills, and immunization updates.

Immunization updates are especially important for PK, K, 7th and 12th grade students.

Friendly reminders:

  • All students PK-12: Annual Health History Form
  • Grades 6-12 (optional): Tylenol consent
  • 12th grade: NEW requirement is for TWO doses of Meningococcal vaccine for those entering 12th grade if born after September 15, 1999 OR 1 dose if received when the student is 16 years of age or older. REQUIRED before starting senior year.
  • 9th grade: Proof of a dental exam. An exam within 1 year before to 4 months after enrollment in 9th grade is acceptable. Your dentist should have the form.
  • 7th grade: in addition to the Tdap requirement already in place for 7th graders, the NEW requirement is for 1 dose of Meningococcal vaccine on or after 10 years of age and grade 7 if born after September 15, 2004. REQUIRED before starting 7th grade.
  • 3rd grade: Proof of an vision exam. An exam within 1 year before and 6 months after enrollment in 3rd grade is acceptable. Your eye doctor should have the form.


  1. Health History Form

  2. Immunization Record with required Kindergarten vaccines: required BEFORE starting school

  3. Kindergarten Physical (and lead test)

  4. Dental exam (within 1 year of start of school)

  5. Vision exam (within 1 year of start of school)

  6. For those with food allergies: Diet Modification Form

  7. For those who need daily medication at school: Medication Administration Form


  1. Health History Form

  2. Immunization Record with required Preschool vaccines required BEFORE starting school

  3. PreSchool Physical

  4. For those with food allergies: Diet Modification Form

  5. For those who need daily medication at school: Medication Administration Form

Healthy regards,

Angie Mitchell, RN, BSN

Knoxville School Nurse

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Angie Mitchell, RN, BSN

Knoxville School Nurse

"You can't educate a child who is not healthy, and you can't keep a child healthy who is not educated."

Cell: 641-891-6016

West Elementary: 641-842-2185

Northstar Elementary: 641-842-6527

Knoxville Middle School: 641-842-3315

Knoxville High School: 641-842-2173

Upcoming Online Registration for 2018-19

In order to register your child(ren) for school this summer, your JMC username and password is necessary to begin the registration process. If you do not remember login information, please contact your child's school office A.S.A.P. (contact information below). School building offices are closed during the summer, so NOW is the time to ask for login assistance.

West Elementary 842-2185 (Sue)

Northstar Elementary 842-6527 (Lesa)

Middle School 842-3315 (Mary or Kendra)

High School 842-2173 (Pam, Stacy or Rachelle)

JMC is a great source of information to stay up-to-date with your child's academics THROUGHOUT the SCHOOL YEAR. Parents/guardians can utilize JMC year-round to:

  • check PROGRESS reports of each child in household
  • view LUNCH TRANSACTIONS (& link to is available for lunch payments)
  • view/print student REPORT cards
  • bus information (currently being updated)
  • review student health and attendance records
    • view/print student TRANSCRIPTS
    • verify student SCHEDULES and advisors
    • verify/update parent/guardian CONTACT information
    2018-2019 Academic Calendar

    Click on this heading to view the academic calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.

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    Community Partner Flyers

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    Kids Golf Clinic

    Tony Roozeboom is hosting a kids golf clinic at Pine Knolls this summer. Beginners and experienced golfers are welcome. The dates are June 11, 12, and 14. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday). Tony can provide clubs with notice in advance.

    • 6-8 year old group
    • 9-11 year old group
    • 12-up group

    Sign up here:

    Tony Roozeboom


    KCSD Administration Office

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