Allah makes the impossible possible.

About Islamic Culture

A whopping 1.3 billion people follow Islam today. These followers are called Muslims. Muhammad was the founder of Islam in 622 CE. Islam was originally founded in Arabia, where it was founded. Then it spread throughout Israel, Europe,China and eventually America. The Quran and the Hadith are sacred texts that illustrate Islamic beliefs, values and practices. The Quran is the most sacred text, and it is believed to be the actual word of God as revealed to Muhammad.The Hadith is a second text that records sayings of Muhammad and his followers. Both of these texts are worshiped by loyal followers of Islam. The holy law is

The Shia-Sunni split

The Shia-Sunni split occurred in 650 CE. The Shia Muslims rejected the Ummayyads and believed the caliph must come directly from Muhammads bloodline. The Sunni Muslims accepted the rule of the Ummayyads and believed the ruler should follow Muhammads example, but they don't need to be a direct relative. The fourth caliphs death led to the start of a civil war. The Ummayyad Empire was started by the winners of the war. This led to the division of Islam. The Shia and Sunni both still have conflict with each other to this day.

Critical Thinking

If Muhammad were to come back to this day and see how Islam is practiced I don't know if he would recognize it or not. Islam is still practiced the same way it used to be, but when he was caliph there was only one way of practicing. The civil war split the religion into two groups of worshipers. This is a subjective answer because depending on which group Muhammad were to view his opinion could be different either way.