By Raeha Berbert, Katelyn Poole, Britney Araujo, Nate Dorsey

What is it and how does it work?

you make a 6 second video by pressing on the screen.

you can watch other peoples videos and like, comment, and revine.

How can Businesses use it?

They can make a short video advertizing some of their products.

Advantages of Vine:

you can meet new people, watch famous peoples vines.

you can watch the news, health and fitness.

Rules that must be followed within a business using Vine:

Up load approptriate videos

Dont use fowl lanuage

Disadvantages of Vine:

Its a waste of time and keeps you up at night.

You may get hurt from trying to remake Vines.

Consequences that could happen if rules are not followed

You could get fired

Not get accepted for a job