6th Grade Accelerated Math

October 14, 2016

This Week

This week, the Accelerated Math 6 students divided by divisors with decimals. We started by creating models with grids and blocks. Next, students solved grab bag word problems that represented real-world situations. They spent two days on a project that required them to calculate the cost per kilogram of ingredients from Taco Bell items. In addition, they calculated the unit prices for fruit to find the best deal from two different stores, as well as the speed in mph for the fastest land mammals in the world. That’s a lot of division! By the end of the week, I was very pleased with the students’ conceptual understanding and skill level for division with decimals.

Next Week

We will not have math on Monday due to a Glenhope program in the morning. We will start the new nine-weeks on Tuesday by solving rational number problems that contain both fractions and decimals. They will play Pick-A-Problem, which will require them to create and solve word problems based on their choices of given data. We will review all of our rational number operations on Wednesday or Thursday before our test that is scheduled for Thursday or Friday. I will send a review packet home to prepare for the test. Again, it will not be collected for a grade, but it is a helpful study guide. After that, we will kick off a new unit with prime factorization. It would be a good idea for everyone to clean out their binder after the test so we can start the new nine-weeks with a clean slate. It’s sure to be a great one!