Sparta vs. Athens

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Sparta is one of the best known city-states in ancient greek times.

  • Government: Spartans had an oligarchy. This was a government made up of 2 kings,a council of elders,and an assembly of elders. The government was made up of all retired men.
  • Daily life of Men: Men had a long life in the army. They officially joined when they were 20 years old, then when they were 30 they could leave the base, but they could not retire from the army until they were 60. After retirement they could be part of the governments.
  • Daily life of women: Women would stay home and had many rights. They could buy and sell property,could go were they wanted ,and participated in sports to be healthy.
  • Life of children: Girls would generally stay home and learn to sew, weave, and to play sports. Boys: would go to the barracks at age 7 to be toughened up. Parents forced their kids to go to the barracks. It wasn't cruelty it was just their way of life.


Read both pick a side.


  • Government: Athenians were the first Greek city-state to develop a democracy. Perikles, a statesman of Athens, said 'A man who takes no interest in public affairs not as apathetic, but as completely useless.This inspired other Athenians to create a government were all citizens have power.
  • Daily life of men: Life of men in Athens was different than there life in Sparta. They would become citizens at 18 and then choose to be in politics or in the army,
  • Daily life of women: women would be married in their teens to a man generally in his 30's.women would not have many rights.If they were lucky the could read, play an instrument, and maybe own slaves.
  • Daily life of kids:

    There was one teacher who taught boys there academics such as to read, write, and Math. There was another teacher to teach them Physical education.There was also a third teacher who taught them to sing and play an instrument called the lyre.This helped them to be educated in both physical and mental job fields.When they reached age 18 boys finished school and became citizens. Girls: young girls stayed at home and theremothers taught them what they needed to know.once 18 they got married and stayed home to take care of the house and raise their daughters.There was on exception, if they were part of a rich family of citizens then they could go to school but have little rights.