A Child Called it

By Dave Pelzer


Dave Is a kid that is abused by his mom. He has bruises and scratches all over him. The thing that helps Dave get through this is dreaming and thinking about one day he will have a mom that will treat him nice and call him son. During the time he gets abused, cops go to his house to ask his mom question like "are you feeding him well?". So since she new people would be coming to her house, she acted nice to Dave and he thought that everything would be better. That is not what happened though.


The theme of this story is survival. Dave is a 12 year old boy that is abused. Dave said "Mother can beat me all she wants, but I haven’t let her take away my will to somehow survive". Dave learned to make food when he was starving and tend his wounds when he is stabbed. Even though Dave was abused he never felt defeated.


Was a bully to Dave.

Mr. Hansen

Dave's principal that is aware of his bruises but doesn't try to help.

Miss Moss

Dave's math teacher that helped Dave.

Dave Pelzer

The main character of the book. 12 year old abused boy.


Booklover123: Truly amazing story.

Lovereadingbooks: Loved his determination.

Ican'tlivewithoutbooks.: He never gave up!!!