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January 5th, 2016

Holiday Research Projects

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Winter Class Party - Thank you to our room mom and volunteers! :)

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Some other moments from the week....

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Classroom Wish-List

We are using our classroom supplies a little quicker than I had anticipated. Here are some things our class will need during the next semester.

  • 3x5 Index Cards
  • Pencils (preferably pre-sharpened)
  • Hand sanitizer
Thank you!

What is ISTEP?

As an Indiana school, we will participate in ISTEP and IREAD testing this spring. Since I posted the information about the IREAD test a couple weeks ago, I wanted to give you a resource link for the ISTEP+ testing we will also participate in.

Please note: If you have questions about these tests or their content, please visit the Parent Portal link in the "Important Information" section below.

Our Focus this Week

Math Fact Change

Mastering and maintaining the basic addition, multiplication, subtraction and division facts is extremely important. Therefore all teachers are being asked to change how they progress monitor fact mastery. Starting this semester, rather than taking 5 minute fact tests, students will be meeting with me periodically for fact interviews. During these interviews they will be asked to answer different facts as well as periodically tell me how they thought through an answer. Those facts they are unable to answer correctly or take too long to answer will be added to their practice sets. Each day, students will spend a little time practicing these 5 to 10 facts with a partner. When they feel they've mastered the facts I will meet with them to interview again. The benefits of this program are reduced stress/anxiety from the timed tests and I gain deeper knowledge of your child as a mathematical thinker. Students will be meeting with me every 1 - 2 weeks for an interview.

Our Questions

· Reading & Writing Workshop: What do we know about poetry? What emotions are illustrated through poetry? What words do authors use to show, not tell how the speaker is feeling

· Spelling: Suffixes -less and -ful

· Math Workshop: Geometry - What are polygons? What are points, parallel lines, etc.? - We will no longer be doing the Monday/Wednesday page as well as the Friday weekly check. This will allow for more problem-solving and math fact practice time.

· Science: How do simple machines help people do work?

Homework Ideas

I encourage every family to spend at least 30 minutes a day working on one of our core academic areas at home. Here are some ideas for this week...

Math: Please continue to review old skills with your child within addition and subtraction. Without practice, students will get "rusty" when performing multi-digit addition and subtraction.

Reading: Work with your child to make a goal for reading at home this semester. Students could aim for a certain number of minutes each day, or he/she could choose to count books or pages.

Try out MobyMax by going to and entering the log in information students brought home in the front covers of their agendas!

Important Information

Our Schedule

8:45-9:00 Morning Procedures

9:00-9:30 Learning Clubs

9:30-10:10 Writing

10:15-10:50 Specials

10:55-11:05 Snack and Read Aloud

11:05-12:35 Reading

12:35-12:55 Recess

1:05-1:35 Lunch

1:40-2:55 Math

2:55-3:30 Social Studies/Science

Specials Classes this Week

Monday: Day 1 - No School

Tuesday: Day 2 -PE

Wednesday: Day 3 - Computer

Thursday: Day 4 - Art

Friday: Day 1 - Music / Library

Volunteering in our Classroom

If you are interested in...

-Reading with Students

-Helping with a Clerical Task

-Talking to Students about your Work Skills or Hobbies

-Being an Expert who Teaches us a Lesson during a Science or Social Studies Unit

then please contact me through, and we will work to find an available date for you to come in. We love learning from our volunteers!

Please order books online through the link below. Our classroom code is L9MT8. Thank you!

Scholastic Book Orders

Our class code is L9MT8

What's Going on Here at Cumberland Road Elementary School?

Upcoming CRES Events

Friday, January 15th: Half Day for Students

Monday, January 18th: No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

**Get this Special Event on Your Calendar**

April 22nd: CRES Fest

Lunch Visits and Background Checks

All guests and parent volunteers must have their background check completed prior to volunteering at school or having lunch with their child. The online background checks will take time to process. You do not need to complete a background check prior to visiting if you have had one done in HSE within the past 3 years. ALL guests must also complete an online anti-bullying training webinar.

For more information on background checks and the anti-bullying webinar, please visit: