2015 Year In Review

Fashion Pd.1, Faiq Ahmad

Three Companies that Marketed their Companies the Best

Jordan Brand marketed themselves very well in 2015,Using social media Jordan Brand has successfully brought attention to new releases of their shoes, that where limited most of the time. Lots of Celebrities are sponsored by Nike and wear their shoes to promote and advertise them.

Apple has also marketed very well In 2015 they came out with the new apple watch and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus this year and they sold a lot of them. Apple continues to make new products to beat competitors more often

Supreme is another brand that has marketed well in 2015,Supreme made many collaborations with Jordan brand and other big companies to produce products that almost sell out instantly!. Supreme is very limited and resellers take advantage of that and sell products for a lot of money to gain profit.

Best products of 2015

1.Iphone 6

2.Apple watch

Worst Products of 2015

1.4K 3-D Display

2.Gun-shaped iPhone case

Top Movies and How they were Marketed

1.Furious 7 was a very successful movie in 2015.The franchise’s huge number of followers enjoyed the movie, the death of Paul walker was tragic but it also brought a lot of attention to the new movie and was used as a key element in the $2.4bn franchise.

2.Star wars was a very successful movie and made a lot of money from fans of the franchise, there was already movies before so fans where excited that a new one came out.

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Top Music Artists of 2015

1.The weekend marketed his music very well in 2015. He released his album

"Beauty Behind the Madness" it is currently one of the top selling albums in 2015.His songs are very popular and are played constantly on radio stations.

2.Drake was very successful In 2015, he caused a lot of attention when he had beef with meek mill back in 2015,and released a diss track called "back to back" which was very popular.He also came out with a couple of albums, like "if your reading this its too late" and also made a colab with future releasing "what a time to be alive"

Top 10 Songs of 2015


2.Sorry-Justin beiber

3.love yourself-Justin beiber


5.what do you mean-Justin Beiber

6.Stitchs-shawn Mendez

7.same old love- Selena Gomez

8.Here-Alessia Cara

9.stressed out-21 pilots

10.Like im gonna loose you-Meghan Trainor

New years resolution

Personal Improvement-try getting in shape

Family and Friends-be more open and nice

School and the Other World-get better grades