7th Grade Newsletter

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February 8th - February 12th

Grade Level Information

Upcoming Dates:

2/5 - $20 ZOO Payment Due - Progress Reports

2/11 - Mock Milestone Writing Test

2/15-2/17 - Winter Holiday

2/18-2/19 - Student Holiday - Teacher Workday

3/3 - Benchmarks Begin

3/11 - Q3 Ends

Field Trip to Zoo Atlanta

The next payment of $20 is due by February 5th.

Language Arts

Cable: Presentations of Dust Bowl Projects; preparing for practice Ga. Milestones test on Thurs. ; 2nd Independent Reading Report/Project due Friday Feb. 12th!

Johnson: Research projects, expository and argumentative writing

Taylor: Non fiction notes due Wednesday. Research project and presentation


7th Grade Math: We will continue Unit 5: Geometry. Our focus will be area and volume of geometric figures.

Accelerated Math: We will continue Unit 7: Linear Functions. The Unit 7 Test will be Wednesday 2/10.


Duncan: The test over natural selection and evolution will be on Monday. Then, we will start our final unit, which is on biomes and the interdependence of organisms.

Larson/Cochran: We will have a test over Evolution and Fossils on Wednesday, February 10. Please encourage your child to start studying now.

Webster: We are wrapping up our study of genetics. The test will be on Wednesday, February 10. There are Quizlets that they can use to study! https://quizlet.com/subject/bmswebster/?sortBy=mostRecent We are beginning our study of natural selection and how changes in organisms occur over time.

Social Studies

On Tuesday, social studies classes will be taking a test over Southern and Eastern Asian History. We will also be working on projects all week which will be due on Friday, 2/12. Please see your child's teacher's website for specifics on the project.

Parent Information

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