Perseverance Newsletter

by Steven Matusik


My personal definition of perseverance is to never stop trying to achieve your goal in the toughest of times. If somebody just gave up after all they've gone through, how would they get to were they are today. If somebody just quieted, they would could have gave up the opportunity to become successful. Life is not easy, that doesn't mean someone should give up because of it.

Tom Monaghan Chronological Ordered Paragraph

Tom started a pizza shop when he was in college with his brother, when school was out, business dropped by 75%. Tom’s brother dropped out of the business and Tom found a new partner for his business. Tom opened up multiple stores in different locations. Tom’s partner declared bankruptcy, and Tom owed over $75,000 in bad debt. Tom’s pizza place suffered a huge fire, his insurance would not cover most of the damage, and Tom lost almost everything in his main store.Tom managed his time, money and store and played smart. He regained business, and closed some of his non-successful stores. Tom managed to have one of the most successful pizza restaurants in America. Tom made millions of dollars and was one of America’s most influential people.

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Jackie Robinson Descriptive Paragraph

Jackie faced the challenge of being the first African-American baseball player in history. Jackie did not retaliate to all of the racial comments, verbal abuse, and unfairness by the players and the fans. Jackie could not retaliate to everything that was happening to him, because he would lose his spot as a baseball player, and it would spark more racial problems in America. Jackie also stood up and gave speeches about fairness for African-Americans after he retired. Jackie Robinson has still made a huge difference to America to this day, and has helped create equal rights for everybody. Jackie Robinson stands as a equal rights monument to this day for his greatness and perseverance.

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Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill Compare and Contrast

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was one of America's greatest women. She devoted her entire life to helping others. When she was a child, she faced many adversities. But later on, she learned how to change her unhappiness and pain into strength. She married Franklin Roosevelt, and became the First Lady of the United States. After Franklin died, she started to travel the world. she learned new things about different countries, and also, volunteered to help out at different countries too.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He also lead Great Britain to war against the Nazis during World War II. As a child, Winston was a troublemaker. Later on into his life, he was a very accomplished man. He became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He also saved Great Britain, and Europe from the seemingly unbeatable Nazis.


Overall, both people helped their countries in some sort of way. Both had made big, motivational speeches to their countries.

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The Maze Runner - Problem and Solution

Problem(s): Thomas is sent to The Glade, a place that is surrounded by a giant maze, and inside is deadly creatures called “Grievers”. At first, Thomas does not remember anything, but soon his memory comes back. His only memory that comes back is his name. Thomas soon realizes he wants to become a runner, but nobody will let him, because he just got sent to The Glade, and he would need to be there for at least 2 months to become a runner. The runner’s job is to run the maze everyday, and to try to find a way out. Also, later on, unusual things start to happen, and everybody blames Thomas.


Solution #1: Thomas saves Alby, the “leader” of the Glade, and a Gathering is called. During the Gathering, Thomas is voted to become a runner.

Solution #2: Thomas becomes a runner, and gets trained by and starts to make a friend, Minho. Into the maze one day, Thomas starts to find clues saw already, but he starts to think more deeper about them.

Solution #3: A girl, Teresa is sent to the maze, and she can talk telepathically to Thomas, she has supposedly triggered the Ending in the maze. Thomas goes through the maze again, and starts to figure out the clues to get out of the Maze.
Solution #4: Thomas figures out keywords, but does not know how to use them to get out of the Maze. Thomas and about half of the people in the Glade, including Teresa decide to try and to escape the Maze.

Solution #5:Thomas and the others successfully escape the Maze, and are rescued and took to safety and shelter, free from the Maze.
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Maury Wills Cause and Effect

Cause: Maury could not hit the baseball for anything. He went to his coach and asked for help hitting. Effect #1: Maury practiced hitting before and after the team’s practice. Effect #2: He trained mentally with his coach. He was often contemplate with his hitting until he realized that he could prepare his mentality. Maury Also started to gain more confidence in himself to hit the ball. Effect #3: Maury’s coach suggested he could be a “switch-hitter” because he was afraid of getting hit in the head from a ball pitched to him. He showed resilience and never stopped training until his hands bled. He would always try and try again. Effect #4: Maury finally started getting hits in his games, and he wasn’t getting pulled out in the fifth inning by his coach. Effect #5: Finally, after 8 years of being in the Minor League, Maury was offered a position in the Major League, and he stayed in the Major League until he retired. He was able to use his god given speed, and broke a record for the most steals.

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What we can learn from the perseverance of others in order to overcome our own adversities today? We can learn how to stay strong, and achieve our goals. If all of these people in the newsletter had not stayed strong and never gave up, they would have never got to we they were or are today.