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Why not switch your products to safer products for the whole family

Did you know that Europe has over 1300 banned chemicals for cosmetics/skin care, Canada has 500 and the US has only 11?! Arbonne is Swiss formulated and so follows these stricter European rules. Remember, it only takes 26 seconds for anything to be absorbed into your skin and in turn, your bloodstream and organs. Choose a safe option!

Tid bits on some products

Start saving on amazing products

Want to start saving on these amazing products? Just ask me how you can start saving 20% or even 35%. Host an Arbonne evening of pampering with facials, foot soaks, massages... or just an afternoon Social of chit chat while sipping on some tea and you could receive up to almost 80% off products.

My gift to you....

I would like to offer you and 3 to 5 of your friends and family to an evening/afternoon of pampering....leave everything to me! I will provide snacks, wine, tea and relaxation!
The first booking that I receive, the lucky hostess will receive $150 worth of products!
Contact me to discuss what party theme is suitable for You!
Bookings must be in the months of March or April 2014. Products will be delivered on evening/afternoon of booked date.

Cindy Parker

Arbonne Independent Consultant
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