O'Maley Remote Learning Resources

Spring 2020

Remote Learning Weekly Overview

Check here for a description of what to expect this week in classes. A new overview will be posted each Monday at 8:00 a.m. for the week, Monday-Friday.

Link to this week's Overview

O'Maley Remote Learning Guide for Families

Link to information about learning expectations, grading, the schedule, and more.

Translated Remote Learning Guides for Families

Intro to Google Keep for Organization

Intro to Google Keep

Helpful Tech Tips for Students

  • Use the Chrome Web Browser so that you have access to necessary extensions and apps.

  • Too many emails? Create Labels in Gmail to keep them organized. Link to Ms. Pinta's Video and Skills Sheet on how to create labels in your GMail inbox.

  • OR, if the email overload is from Google Classroom, you can turn off Classroom Notifications. Just be sure to check Classroom daily for information and assignments.

Editable Student Schedule for Printing or Customizing

Having trouble following your schedule? Wish you had a version that you could customize with subject and teacher names?

Link here for a schedule template that you can Make a Copy in Google Docs or print to add your own information by hand.

FAQ - Remote Learning for Students

Link to answers to frequently asked questions about remote learning.

Archives of Previous Weekly Overviews

Below are links to archived information from past weeks:

May 4-8 | April 27-May 1 | April 21-24| April 13-17 | April 8-10

March 16-April 7 Supplemental Resources

Remote Learning Resource Walkthrough 4.10.20
O'Maley Tech Support Information

Information to troubleshoot at home and, if needed, to submit a request for support.

Guidelines for Participation in GPS Remote Learning

An explanation of expectations for students and families related to remote learning.

O'Maley Remote Learning - Phase I - Supplemental

Enrichment resources provided for the period of March 16 - April 10