SPS Board Highlights

Oct. 7, 2019

Big picture

Will Rogers second graders Harrison Daily, Lyra Moore and Hadley Heath present their cardboard playground designs to Board members. The students created their dream playgrounds during the after-school program.

Central Office Reports

Dr. April Grace reported that the SHS Volleyball Team has challenged all sports and activities to each make two baskets for veterans. They have also challenged the elementary schools to write letters thanking veterans for their service. She also mentioned that Jefferson Elementary celebrated being named Blue Zones Project Approved. Dr. Grace also announced the names of the SHS Academic Letter Jacket recipients. They are
  • Natalie Mathews,
  • Luke Presley,
  • Shelby Jones,
  • Megan Presley,
  • Kaitlin Koons,
  • Jillian Winegardner,
  • Julie Blankenship,
  • Brooklyn Fluke,
  • Nathan Stephens,
  • Trystan McCaslin,
  • Emily Day,
  • Bailey Justice,
  • Braunya Lewis,
  • Kirstin Gonzales,
  • Samantha Huff, and
  • Hannah Ticer.

Michelle Wallace introduced Keegan Carerra to the Board. Keegan is one of 12 students participating in internships in area businesses and organizations this semester. He has been training with Shawnee Animal Hospital, and his career goal is to be a veterinarian.

Dr. WIlkerson shared that SHS will have their first senior conference on Nov. 22 at Immanuel Baptist Church. Scholarships, FAFSA, real-life nutrition, and mental health are all options for the sessions.

Cherity Pennington spoke about professional development that six Shawnee Middle School teachers were participating in that week. The teachers learned about Guided Inquiry Design from one of the creators of the research method, Dr. Leslie Maniotes.

Other Board Actions

  • The Board approved a couple of policy revisions or additions related to medical lockboxes and medical marijuana. These revisions have been updated in the Board Policy Book on the district website.
  • The Board approved the use of the ACT for testing SHS juniors.
  • All personnel items were approved.