Sir Walter Raleigh

An English adventurer

Birth, Death, Nationality, and funding.

Walter Raleigh was born on January 22,1552. He died on October 29,1618. He was born in Devon, England, so he was an Englishman, who was an explorer. Queen Elizabeth funded Raleigh's expeditions.

How Walter Raleigh Died

After Queen Elizabeth died, Raleigh was put in prison for being a foe of King James(15 years before death). His death sentence was commuted, and he lead an expedition, but it failed. He was beheaded in London on October 29, 1618.

Historical Significance

Walter Raleigh was an adventurer, writer, and a nobleman. He established a colony in present day North Carolina, which at the time he named Virginia.He organized three major expeditions to the Americas.In 1587he explored from present day North Carolina to present day Florida. In 1588 he took part in the victory over the Spanish Armada. He also married one of Queen Elizabeth's maids-of-honor, and he was imprisoned in 1603. He was given a death sentence, but in 1616 he was freed and led another expedition, but it failed, so he was imprisoned again and killed.

EQ Answer

I think that Walter Raleigh would've influenced me to want to immigrate. First of all, it's because he established a colony on present day North Carolina. At first though, he had named the place Virginia.
Secondly, he was a very good friend of the queen. She thought very highly of him. She even knighted him.
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