Mrs. Kesler's 2nd Grade Class Newsletter

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Friday, December 12, 2014 - General News

Happy weekend!

This last week began our "Gift Bag" fun! The students are so excited to find out what our next theme or activity will be! Monday will be a writing "snowball fight" in the classroom! We are going to build stories with each "snowball"!

Homework for the week of 12/15/14

Monday - Partial-sums homework, Holiday Colors Day, spelling list 13 goes home for test on Friday; Tuesday - Rounding homework, Georgetown Spiritwear Day; Wednesday - Koala math homework, Pajama Day; Thursday - Problem solving homework, Holiday Sweater Day; Friday - Holiday Hat Day

Please check out the following links to see what's being used in second grade. Remember that Edline can give you a enormous amount of information, including units we are working on as well has homework.




Next week:



Holiday Colors Day



Georgetown Spiritwear Day


P.E. and Music

Pajama Day



Holiday Sweater Day


Library and Winter Party

Holiday Hat Day


Writing: For Writing this past week we began a new expository writing piece on penguins. The student chose one of several types of penguins to research. They began their note taking and rough drafts. You may want to ask your child which penguin they are researching and what interesting facts they have learned so far. We are using books, Pebblego, Worldbook Online, and Facts4me.com for research. The students also wrote lovely cards for the soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center!


We continued discussing the importance of questioning while reading texts. We completed reading The Emperor's Egg. We have been reading other non-fiction texts on Penguins.

Ask your child who mainly takes care of the emperor penguin's egg and where do they keep the egg to keep it warm? The children even tried walking with a fuzzball on their feet to see what it is like to walk like a penguin with an egg in tow.

Word Study:

We worked on identifying adverbs and consonant clusters. Ask your child to act out an adverb for you!


This week we had a whirlwind of inquiry and discovery! We learned about the life cycle of a meal worm. The students performed several experiments throughout the week, to learn about the meal worm. They wondered if the meal worm could see, hear, smell, walk on a slant and what they do when faced with an obstacle. Ask your child what they discovered from all of their experiments and have them identify the life cycle of the meal worm for you.


This week in Math we began using Otter Creek for our math facts. Ask your child what their goal is to move to their next level. We also learned about temperature changes, rounding & estimating, and partial sums. I realize partial sums if very different from the way many of us were taught addition. Before we work on regrouping or "carrying", we want the children to really understand the meaning of place value.

Second Step

This week in Second Step we continued to work on how we can be empathetic to others and recognize feeling confident.

Week 13 Spelling List