Professional Services Interview


Job Title

Mrs.Ward The Counselor

Why Be a Counselor?

Mrs.Ward likes kids, feels shes a leader, and enjoys helping people.

Did she always want to work in education?

Yes, She knew since 3rd grade

Career History

Mrs.Ward has spent 15 years in education, she taught history before counseling, her main history subject was social studies, and she was a history major in college.

Present Position and Background

This is Mrs. Ward's 8th year as a school counselor. She first majored in history and got her bachelors, and her teaching certificate. She then had to go back to college and get her masters to become a counselor.

Duties of the Job/ Characteristics

  • Varies: It's much different from teaching
  • No set plan, You never really know what your going to do
  • You have to be very flexible, good with time management, and good memory

The Most Enjoyable/Negative Aspects of the Job

Enjoyable Aspects: Mrs.Ward enjoys working with students, celebrating there accomplishments, and helping kids who struggle.

Negative Aspects: Mrs.Ward gets frustrated with angry parents, and students who don't care.

Are there times your workload is heavier?

The start of school and the end of school is the heaviest. The beginning of school because everyone is getting there schedules and changes are being made. The end of school because the seniors are graduating and school is ending.

Is there any Other Position you'd Move Into?

Mrs.Ward may want to move to the college level of student services position.

What advice would you give students pursuing a career in education.

This career is great for family oriented people, who enjoy having similar schedules as there children.
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