Titanic Survivor Named Elsie Doling

By Zackary Geiger

Miss Elsie Doling

Miss Elsie Doling was born on Monday October 30th, 1893 at Southampton she was 18 years old when she was on the Titanic. She was traveling with her sister-in-law,

Mrs.Ada Julia Elizabeth Doling and Mr.Henry Price Hodges. Ada she survived but Henry he didn't make it.

The Titanic facts and Elsie Doling

What made the Titanic seem unsinkable was all its watertight sections. It could still float it a few of those compartments were filled with water but since the Titanic sideswiped the iceberg more than what it could overflowed it sank. Some people say if it would have hit it head on it would have made it. Miss Elsie Doling payed 23 pounds for her ticket. Her 2nd class accommodations where very nice maybe not as not a big a 1st class room but the room had a nice bed the sink was made out of marble and it had a mirror and what looks like a couch.

Miss Elsie Doling's rescue

She was rescued by the Carpathia and disembarked the Carpathia at New York City in the U.S.A. on Thursday April 18th, 1912.

Miss Elsie Doling life after Titanic

After her rescue by the Carpathia she moved to England on the Philadelphia on May 11, 1912. On November 6, 1920 she married an Indian doctor named Doctor William St.Alban Hendricks. And had four children named John, Gerald St.Alban, Clara, and Elizabeth Mary. Elsie died on March 3,1972.