Digital American, Pride and Shame

Industrialize the Old America

Laissez-Fair Policy

I am proud because the Laissez-Fair Policy made the American Economy grow by making the government have minimal interference in the economic affairs of the people.

The Transcontinental Railroad

I'm proud of the Transcontinental Railroad because it united the U.S. through high speed trade and travel. It even started the railroad business in America.

The Populist Party Platform

The Populist Party Platform called for popular election of U.S. Senators and Direct Democracy. This brings me pride because it led to a better America where more power is put in the hands of the people.

Immigration, Onward to America

Angel Island

Opposite of the easy to pass Ellis Island, Chinese immigrants were kept at Angel Island for roughly one month. Sometimes it even escalated to countless years. I'm ashamed of this because of the horrid living conditions that the immigrants lived in.

Political Machine Graft

I'm embarrased that Political Machines ran their businesses and thrived off of the working class of America through graft for personal gain.

Nativism, Chinese Exclusion Act

President Chester A. Arthur signed this document to be a significant restriction on the free immigration America was famous for. This brings me shame as a free man of this once restricting country.

Urbanization, Journey Back East

The Pendleton Act

As a result of the Populist Party, being appointed to a federal job required going through a merit system based on tests. I'm proud because it made officials more capable of their jobs. In the future our government is now one of the best.


I'm pretty neutral on this but Bimetallism allowed unrestricted currency of two metals as a nations legal tender at a fixed ratio. William Jennings Bryan, a main political suppoter of this had a very famous quote. "You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold."

Up, Not Out

The idea and use of skyscrapers and elevators saved land space to build apartment complexes as well as offices and many other modern day structures. I'm proud because America wouldn't be the same without its bustling cities. Now where would New York be without this beauty.

Progressivism in the American Society

The 19th Amendment

It brings me pride that women could vote. Finally the entire country could at last vote as one for political leaders.

Standard Oil

Most machinery and equipment required oil, so I'm pretty neutral when everything revolved around the oil business. Which is also why to this day oil around the word costs so much just like it did in America. COmparisons were made to an octopus holding everything with it's tentacles.


Writers who would adventure in the bad parts of society. They wrote about the problems they saw and exposed corruption everywhere they could. I'm pretty proud of this. An example would be the contaminated meat packing industry at the time.

America, Imperials or Not?

The Open Door Policy

Although selfish, The Open Door Policy allowed China to be used equally by all nations. I'm proud of this. The reason it was selfish? It was thought up so that America could also profit from Chinese markets.

Dollar Diplomacy

U.S. investment South America, Central America, and the Caribbean, far east through the military as an economic tool. Pretty neutral on this, even if it caused The Spanish American War.

White Man's Burden

The "white man" had to civilize the barbaric parts of the world through any means necessary. I'm neutral on this too because it was a figurative idea that didn't really go anywhere too important.

World War I Woes

U.S. Declares war on Germany

I'm proud of the fact that the U.S. broke out of isolation to help Europe stop Germany's reign of terror on the innocent.

Liberty Bonds

The American government raised money for the war effort through bonds. After the war, they promised to return the money with interest, which they did. I take pride in the fair and just ways our government sometimes has.

Conscientious Objector Shaming

I'm ashamed that soldiers insulted the peacelovers of the era. Even if they weren't to useful in battle. They probably could have thought up ways around the Germans to force them to surrender without fighting.