North Korea

By: Saul Mora Lopez


Northern half of the Korean peninsula bordering the Korean bay and the sea of Japan. between China and South Korea. The climate is temperate with rainfall concentrated in the summer.
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Chief of state is Kim Jon Un, head of the state is Premier Pak pong Ju. North Korea's political system is made up of a totalitarian dictatorship built upon the rational of centralization, and structured as a communist country.


After the war ended in 1945, Japanese occupation of Korea ends with soviet troops occupying the North and United States troops occupying the South. In 1950 The south declares independence, witch leads to the North Korean invasion. In 1953 the Korean war ends and claims 2 million lives. 1991 North Korea joins the United nations


The language of Korea is between south and north Korea part of the Altaic language family. the religions in Korea are Buddhism, Confucianism, some Christians, and syncretic chondogyo. North Korea has many holidays and they are not similar to ours:
New years day: 1st January
Kim Jong 2 birthday: February 2nd
Day of the sun
May Day Victorious day
National liberation
some of the common foods in Korea consists of noodles, vegetables, rice, meats, soups and stews, steam cooked meals,

Economy trade

Korea's major industries produce military products:
Machine building, Electric power, Chemicals, Mining, Food processing and tourism.
Their main imports are petroleum and make around $4,828 billion,
Their main exports are
minerals, metallurgical products, and $3,954 billion.
Korea's main trading partners are,china 73%, and south Kora 27%.

Population stats

The population size of North Korea is around 24,851,627 people. the literacy rate is defined as people age 15 and older can read and write: total population-100%


North Korea happens to be one of the worlds least opened economies that are deep in economic problems. Their GPD rate is $40 billion .Their GPD per capita is at $1800. North Korea GPD- composition, by sector of origin:
-agriculture at 23.4%,
-industry at 47.2%,
-services at 29.4%.


Tourism is one of the biggest major industries today, it equals and even surpasses that of oil exports, food products and automobiles. Korea's tourism is controlled by the government and is a reason why its not a well visited country.North Korea is famous for its attraction like the great lake of TIANCHI, Ancient royal Mausoleums,

Current events

Since North Korea is ruled by the Kim family, and is considered a dictatorship country, led the country to be isolated- bad stricken nation. as well as the Families dedication to Songun, or the military-first policy and began a nuclear-weapons program.

Interesting facts

North Korea has a literacy rate of 100% that means that kids 15 and over can read and write.
North Koreans that were born after the Korean war are roughly 2 inches shorter then South Koreans on average.
North Korea has the 4th largest army in the world.