By:Katie Pratt

The Basics of Christianity

The followers of Christianity (a monotheistic religion) are called Christians.There God can also be known as Yahweh(the god of Abraham). Some of their key beliefs are the Sabbath is on Sunday, it is the day most of them go to worship. The holy trinity, a belief that god is the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Their last belief is that Jesus Christ is a teacher. Baptism is important because it identifies members to the christian community. The holy communion is also always used in christian worship.Church is their only place for worship. Some of their worship leaders are pastors, priests, preachers, and ministers. Their holy book is called a bible which has the old and new testaments. The two holidays Christians celebrate are Christmas, which celebrates Jesus' birth, and Easter, which celebrates Jesus' resurrection. Jerusalem is the most common holy site for Christians because it was the location of his crucifiction, death, and resurrection.


The most common figure in this monotheistic (mono means one) religion is the God of Abraham. In this religion God is called God or Yahweh.