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The deer was important for the Cherokee tribe they yous'd it for food and clothing. Unlike the Comanche the buffalo were important for them.

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The Cherokee lived in the area on the Cherokee River. It was a very small area they lived here from 1823 through 1846.


The Cherokee people historically lived in houses made of mud and clay with roofs of brush and river cane. In the winter time, they lived in even smaller clay and mud houses which included the construction of the roof, as well, in order to keep warm.


The Trail of Tears was the name the Cherokee chose to describe to the journey that they were forced to take as a result of the 1830 Indian Removal Act.

Fun Fact!

The Trail of Tears was a gruesome journey that began in the South-eastern United States and ended in Oklahoma; covering a distance over 1,600 kilometers (1000 miles).

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Clan members are considered to be brother and sisters; it is forbidden for a Cherokee Indian to marry within the same clan.
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The Cherokee were really cool Indians to researcher about. They farm, fish and hunt! All the things i do. They are smart when they made smaller huts to keep warm. Even though they were here for a very small time they were cool. They yous'd deer for there loin cloth and other clothes and meat. The people that lived in Texas didn't build clay huts like the Cherokee the closest was a adobe house.