Week at a Glance

Week of February 26

Week at a Glance

Monday, February 26

Budget Workshop - 5:00pm

Board Meeting - 6:30pm (Honoring Guest Educators!)

Tuesday, February 27

New Hire Orientation

Safety Meeting - 5:00pm (Kim C & Kim B)

Wednesday, February 28

Frisco Frontline Discussion (Missy, Terri & Cecilia)

Team Meeting - 1:00pm (tentative)

Thursday, March 1

Midwestern University Job Fair (Eric)

Guest Educator Make Up Orientation

Friday, March 2

Happy Friday!

Reflective Question: In what ways do you recruit quality applicants for the District?

HR Happenings

  • Our Spring university recruitment starts THIS week!
  • Be sure to read the email Briana forwarded this week regarding the procedures for reserving rooms at Central Administration.
  • Currently, over 200 candidates have applied to our Teacher Career Fair!
  • Article from SHRM: Creative On-Boarding Ideas
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