Pearl Music

By : Mya Macon and Karli Head

Song of the pear that might be - Special Friend

We chose the special friend because friends are special to us and and the pearl was special to kino.

{Disclaimer video is a little creepy}

Song of Family - Happy - Pharrell Williams

We chose the song Happy because Kino's family was happy in the beginning.

Song of Evil - Jaws theme

We chose the song jaws theme because it's a scary song.

Song of the Undersea - Under the sea - Little mermaid

We used the song under the sea because it takes place under the sea and fits perfectly.

Song of the Enemy - Hit me with your best shot - Pat Benatar

We chose this song because thats what enemies want to do hit you with their best shot.

Song of the Pearl {End} - Star Wars Theme

We chose the Star Wars theme because it kind of sounds suspenseful and at the end of the book you don't know what was coming with the pearl.

Song Representing the Entire Book - Bad Day - Daniel Powter

We chose bad day because the last few chapters of the book is basically a bad day.