From Cow to Ice Cream

Sarah Shanda 3-SR


Did you know that bacteria gets in ice cream? Well,if you want to find out ways to prevent that from happening then you should really read this.There are lots of ways to eat ice cream like ice cream plain,ice cream cones,ice cream sandwiches and ice cream bars.


Well, to make ice cream of course you need milk to make it.So first you milk the cows get enough milk to make it.So once you have the milk,cream,eggs and sugar you send it on trucks and are ready for the factory.


When the trucks arrive at the factory the milk and cream are pumped into four 6,000 gallon storage tanks and kept cool at 36 degrees until ready to blend in the blend tank.Blended in a 1,000 gallon stainless steel mega-blender.A batch of ice cream starts with heavy cream, condensed skim milk and liquid cane sugar.The mixer also mixes in egg yolks and natural stabilizers to prevent heat shock and formation of ice crystals. Then all of the ingredients are blenderized for 6-8 minutes .Then the mixture is heated to get rid of all the bacteria.

Next the heated ice cream mixture is froze for 5 hours and thawed for 3 hours and ready to be gobbled up.

Fun Facts

1.Did you know that you need at least 3 cows to make 1 gallon of ice cream?

2.Did you know that you need at least 5 trucks to get all of your ingredients to the factory?

3.Did you know that sugar cane comes from farms?


I guess now you know how yummy,amazing,fantastic ice cream is made.
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