by lance


My leader is Albert Einstein. he was born autistic. Albert learned most of his school things from his Uncle Jacob. He is famous for E-mc 2 E=energy the m=mass.

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childhood and education

His uncle Jacob taught him most of the time. He made learning fun. Albert did not like siting down for hours at school. Albert was tutored till he was six. Albert went to catholic Elementary school.

college and career

Albert first job was a clerk a the post office Another one of his jobs was a physician and he worked at a place called budding co. He went to swiss fedarel polytechnic school for college.He went to the school in 1911.

accomplishments and leadership

He asserted the equivalence of mass and energy which would lead to the famous formula E=mc 2 .Albert showed how to calculate Avogadro number and the size molecules.

why I fell my person is a leader

.why I fell my person is a leader he insider people to never give up.