Extra Curricular Activites


Tennis is a good for conditioning. You have never played tennis before ;but you can be a good tennis player. If you want my number to be 7-10 at least that would be awesome. But the tryouts is at 7:00. If you need a lot of Patrice you need to go to the tennis court to have a good tryouts.


If you want to play football you haft to be good at. it you haft to hit hard. And if you are a reserver you haft to hit hard .If you are a front of line you haft to block . That wait you should do if you are good.

Off season

If you want to be in Athletics then you can't play basketball. Cause you can't do off session . If you do off session you can resale; you can even binch and squit and even more.


If you are in basketball you haft to dunk. And you haft to dribble thrue the legs .And you haft to have good sportsmanship to your teammates and you haft to be a good teammates. That wait you haft to do to make the basket ball team.