Why do people kill?

By:Tanner Honeycutt

Do people kill for fame?

I chose this question because one of my cousins in Ohio was shot six times and killed at that moment in a parking lot next to a mall for no reason. He was a good guy and was friends with everybody but that night he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. So I have done some research of my own and these are the results I got. Study's show that people do kill for fame a majority of the time. It's very hard to pull a trigger and that's a good thing, but not when it comes to wanting fame and attention around the country. Articles say The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was caused because the murderer wanted two things, one was to get attention and fame around the country and the other reason the suspect wanted to beat the record of the biggest mass shooting which is held by the 2011 NorWegian mass shooter.

These study's shows that people do kill for fame and attention but also sometimes not just that, sometimes it may be a competition just like the Sandy Hook shooting incident. It's sad to have people like this in our world because they don't realize the pain they are bringing other family's such as mine when I lost my cousin. I'm glad I found the answer to why my cousin was killed.

People that kill are they considered mentally ill?

I chose this question because I wanted to know more about how people come to the conclusion to kill someone, even if there isn't a valid reason to. In my research I found that there are some people that are called "psychopaths" who have antisocial personality disorder, and are therefore mentally ill according to current psychiatrist. Antisocial personality disorder means that a person with this disorder consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and they do not tend to care about the rights or feelings of others. Research shows that people with this disorder tend to treat people in a non polite and harsh way and does not care how they feel or what is wrong with them.