My World Cultures Religions Project


The Followers.

The followers of christianity are called christians. Christians worship God and Jesus Christ on Sunday. They worship in a building known as a church. The Christians central belief is that they believe in justification by faith. The worship leader is a priest. A common figure in this religion and two others is Abraham. there is only one god in the three middle east religions.

Holidays and traditions

Christians have two major religious holidays. They celebrate Christmas and Easter. Christmas is the celebration of the day Jesus Christ was born. They also celebrate Easter which was the day Jesus Christ was resurrected. One of the many traditions of Christianity is Baptism. This symbolizes purification of one, and is usually preformed on young children.

Important Symbols of Christianity

Holy Cities of Christianity

One of the most popular cities of christianity is Jerusalem. The city contains a very famous church. Bethlehem is also very important to this religion because it is where Jesus was born.

Worship Leaders

The main worship leader in christianity is a Priest. The priests lead worship in a christian building known as a church.