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April 20, 2020

Distance Learning Week 2

We are now in week 2 of distance learning for all students. Please be sure your student is checking in throughout the week to keep up with assignments. Below, you will find the answers to some of the most frequent questions we've been getting.

Will there be any "class time" where students go on and either video chat with you or have opportunities to interact with you and or classmates?

  • Live Sessions:
    • Some students must share devices with siblings, so we are not requiring online “class time” where everyone must be in the same Google Meet at the same time. Any live instruction that takes place will be recorded and posted on the teacher's Google Classroom page for students to access as they are able.
    • All teachers are holding office hours of some sort where they will be able to connect with students to answer questions or help with assignments. Please check Google Classroom pages each Monday for that week's office hours.
  • Other ways to interact:
    • Students can always email questions about assignments to their teachers.
    • Students can also post private comments in Google classroom assignments. We receive a notification immediately when this happens, so during the day if students are having trouble with an assignment we can respond promptly. Of course, if students are working late at night, the response will probably not be immediate.

How much time should students spend working on your assignments daily?
  • There is no daily suggested time for each subject. Teachers are asked not to exceed about 2 hours of work per week per subject area. So students should have about 2 hours of math, 2 hours of history…etc, every week. If your child is is finishing very quickly, s/he may be rushing, not reading instructions or not showing work.
  • Some students like to do a little work from each subject every day. Some students prefer to focus on 1-2 subjects per day and complete all the work at once. Your child should set up a schedule that works best for him/her to be successful.

Is there work assigned daily?
  • Work is assigned weekly. Most teachers already have the first two weeks of work posted on my Google Classroom right now. All work for each week will usually be due on the Friday of the week the work is assigned.
  • We are suggesting that students still use their student planners to record assignments and due dates. This will help your child organize this work. I know it can be overwhelming when everything is posted for the entire week at once.

How are you running the online platform, all google classroom?
  • All teachers are using Google Classroom as their online platform. All assignments are organized, explained and accessed via this class.
  • Teachers are using Pear Deck, Desmos Activities, Ed Puzzle, Kahoot, Google Slides, and other platforms for students to interact with and complete activities.Most of these students already used throughout the year and should be familiar with.
  • Some teachers are posting instructions on Google Classroom and then directing students to content on their Google Site.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via phone or email to Mrs. Cisneros or me.

Thank you,

Mrs. Grimble

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