Christopher Wayman

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plot outline

Exposition-In 1900 Seth and his family are on a train going from Lampasas Texas to Galveston Texas in August."The train clicked on its rails,rumbling past cow pastures and summer parched fields of hay and grain." (p.1) "You'd think every dang person from Lampasas to Houston wanted to go to Galveston this hot August day. (p.1) Seth and his family moved to Galveston because Seth's father wanted the boys to go to medical school for college."But he'd also been clear about what he wanted for his sons.If he thought Galveston could ensure any of us a profession in medicine,we'd be on the next train out of Lampasas for sure. (p.4) Rising Action-Seth is at work when a storm is coming'so his boss tells him to go home before the storm gets any worse."Mr. Farrell shouted from the house next to us."Looks like it might get worse before it gets better.You boys best get on home." (p.71) "Skies darkend .Wind stripped umbrellas inside out and blew hats tumbling toward the surf.A driving rain soaked sight seers backs and peppered the north side of the house where Id been working,striking like pebbles against windows and siding. (p.71) Climax-The climax is when the Hurricane hits Galveston.It caused a lot of damage and killed lots of people."All around us people fell,struck down by flying slate,brick,or shutters.Others drowned,knocked off their feet and carried under by the broken roofs,galleries,or privies that swept down the street faster than a man could run.Water swirled around my hips,leaving me powerless to offer aid and weak with the thought that.at any moment,either one of us could disappear beneath the swift brown river and be gone." (p.82) Falling Action-While surching for their missing family they descoverd a lot of destruction."As the morning disappeared,I began to think we had no chance of finding them,especially when we saw what was left of the lumberyard.It was gone,wiped clean,as if the store and all the stacked lumber had never existed." (p.141) With all the destruction,Seth helped rebuild their house."I headed for the lumber pile and went to work,sorting and measuring,cutting and nailing." (p.163) Resolution-Life is starting to turn normal after the storm."Over the next few weeks,school days leveled out,and I finally heard laughter in the halls.Dwelling on history and literature instead of loss might've had something to do with it ,but I figured cleaner air probably had a hand in it,too" (p.207) Seth tells his dad he wants to be a carpenter."There will be no college for me,Papa,"I told him."I'm a carpenter,and I can be nothing else." (p.219)
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The conflict of this book

The conflict of this book is Man vs. nature.Seth has to survive against a devistating hurricane made by nature.

The Theme of the book

The Theme of the book is the suffering and survival of a natural disaster."It was time to move on,but as I glanced out over the gulf,I knew i'd never be truly free.Dark water would always carry ghosts to me." (p.206)

Protagonist + Antaganos

The Protagonist of this book is Seth,because the book is written in his point of view.The Antaganos is the hurricane,because the hurricane kills lots of people.

4 facts

1.On September 8.1900,a category 4 hurricane ripped through Galveston,Texas,killing an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 people. 2.A 15-foot storm surge flooded the city,which was then situated at less then 9 feet above sea level,and numerous homes and buildings were destroyed. 3.The hurricane remains the worst weather-related disaster in u.s. history in terms of loss of life. 4.At the time of the 1900 hurricane,Galveston,nicknamed the Oleanber city,was filled with vacationers.
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The role of the historical setting/event

It was not supposed to go to Galveston.In the past they had a flag that most people could not see,but now we have T.V. warnings and radio warnings so we do not use flags.The storm was not supposed to hit Galveston,but now we have more advanced computers so we can figure it out better than in the past .Now we have a sea wall which stops it flooding and raised the houses so people are safe and less people die.