New Currency Project-Water

by Nathan Melville


Water is essential to all life on earth. Now water is set to head in the same direction as oil, with prices rising as demand is increased and supplies are depleted. The fundamental difference is that whilst oil equals money, water equals life. We use so much water in our day to day lives that we often take it for granted. Neither do we realize that every product we buy, or use, has a water footprint. Think 140 litres for a single teaspoon of instant coffee, or 2700 litres for a new cotton shirt. Only 2.5% of all water on the planet is fresh, and only half of that is available to us, yet people waste tons of water every day. One day, fresh drinking water will be scare and be as valuable as oil. What will happen then? Maybe we will convert over to water as a currency, here's how that would work...


Well, as we all know, you cannot break water, you can send water anywhere on Earth and it will not get damaged and you it can endure any environment.


Water can be frozen or liquefied or turned into a vapor all relatively easily making it very portable. You can carry it in a bottle, freeze it in a block or have a canister of vapor, all will work for any purpose.


As stated before, you can have water in any form so dividing it will be equally easy, liquid can be poured into a measuring cup for purchases or trade blocks of it for exchanges in colder weather or transfer vapor in canisters.


In some places like Africa and the Middle East, water is extremely valuable. Water is essential to life as we know it, we drink it, we grow our crops with it, we wash our clothes and factories use it to produce many items that we buy. There is no doubt that water will only increase in value as it becomes more and more scarce in the future, making it very valuable.