Who's At Fault ?

By: Jaxson B

Romeo and Juliet killed them self's

Romeo and Juliet are at fault for there own deaths. Romeo fell in "love" with Juliet the moment he saw her, he never even talked to her before. The first time they spoke Romeo confessed his love for her. At this point their already moving to fast.

A couple of hours after they meet they wanted to get married. Even though they could never marry because of their family's, they took it upon themselves to get married behind there parents backs

Romeo says "By holy marriage: when and where and how. We met, we woo'd and made exchange of vow. Ill tell thee as we pass; but this i pray" (act 2,scene 3)

This quote shows that Romeo is asking Friar to marry him to Juliet. Which is doing it behind his and her family's back showing Romeo and Juliet are to blame

At the end of this story both Romeo and Juliet are the causes of there own deaths. Romeo drinks Poussin and Juliet stabs herself. No one in the story tells them to commit suicide, its all caused by what they think is necessary.Romeo says "Here's to my love. [drinks.] O true apothecary.Thy drugs are quick." (act 5,scene2) This quote shows Romeo killing himself proving that Romeo and Juliet are at fault for there own deaths

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If you will die for me,

I will die for you

and our graves will be like two lovers washing

their clothes together

in a laundromat

if you will bring the soap

i will bring the bleach

Romeo and Juliet would have given there lives for each other, and this poem is saying no matter what they will always have each others backs


The book i picked is "The Hunger Games"

Because katniss and Peta would rather both die than to be without another.

Romeo and Juliet killed them selves because they found out each other where dead.