By Ethan Jackson-Desbien 4th Hour

What your not suppose to do on the internet

You should never try to type in all capes because it makes it look like your yelling at someone when you email them. You should try to show people how your feeling when you email them. You should also keep your written communications focused on what you are typing instead of changing the subject. You should also try to use abbreviations when you email someone.

When you are emailing someone

When you email someone you have to summarize your email so it isn't so long and the person doesn't want to read it. You should also try to keep it short and focused on the subject. Don't write things that you wouldn't say in public because it is also as bad if you said it in person. Finally you should always put your name at the bottom of your email so they know who sent it

What to do with your emails

you should always be informal and not sloppy. Keep your emails short and to the point. Don't use emailing as an excuse to avoid personal contact. You should always keep in mind that emailing is never private. You should also summarize your emails.

How to keep your self safe when emailing

If you use a blank copy then only that person can see what you sent them and nobody else unless that person sends it to. The blank copy that you send to many people is steal private but only to the people that you sent it to