Pratt Institute

Interior Design

About Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute is a school that focuses on arts. Their mission is to educate artists to be responsible contributors to society. Pratt Institute is located in Brooklyn, New York. At Pratt they challenge their students to get their full potential. At Pratt to be an interior designer, you have to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Art and to get that it would take 4 years of college. But Pratt Institute would be my top choice for college.

Applying to Pratt

When your applying for school at Pratt Institute, first you have to complete the admissions application and pay a $50 fee. Next you have to send them your official transcript from high school and your ACT/SAT results. You can also send a recommendation letter which is optional. Then send a visual portfolio on all majors. And finally send your essay which is a topic picked by the people at Pratt Institute.

Tuition at Pratt Institute

For 1 year of school there it costs $41,226. The academic fee is $340 and the technology fee is $300. Health services fee is $175 per semester. The student activites fee is $135 and health insurance fee is $1,037 but it varies every year. And the digital arts fee is $40 per course.


At Pratt Institute they offer many scholarships based of off GPA. For example if I got a 3.7-3.79 GPA then I could get a $21,000 scholarship. If I got a 3.8-3.89 GPA then I could get a $22,000 scholarship. And if I got a 3.9 and higher GPA then I could get a $25,000 scholarship. I could also earn a National Scholastic Scholarship for general art and get $1,000 a year for years at Pratt.

Books, Room, and Transportation

At Pratt books cost about $3,000 per year. Freshman are only allowed to live in Leo J. Pantas Hall, Stabile Hall, and Cannoneer Court. And for transportation they give you a 25% off bus and railroad pass.

#2 in the nation for interior design

Email to Pratt

I emailed Pratt Institute about a few questions that I had but unfortunately I never heard back from them. I asked them questions about tutoring, the food plan that they offer, about the degree I would get there, and about scholarships

Pictures of Pratt Institute

Sports and Employment

They offer these sports to women, women's basketball, cross country, track and field, women's tennis, and volleyball. I'm not really interested in any of those sports but that is all they offer. There were only 3 on campus jobs open to undergraduates right now and they are a graphic/web designer, an advancement receptionist, and a teaching assistant.

Reasons why I want to attend Pratt Institute

The first reason is that they offer really good scholarships at Pratt. They offer scholarships based on GPA and ACT/SAT results. The second reason is since Pratt Institute is in New York it would be easy to get a job to help pay for college expenseses and on food and clothes. Another reason is that they offer a 25% off transportation pass on the bus or subway. The final reason I want to attend Pratt is that they are a really good school for interior design. They have to second best program in the nation for interior design.

Parent Discussion

When I shared this with my dad, he was very impressed in my research and thoughts. He didn't know that I wanted to be an interior designer and he had never heard of Pratt Institute. He also thought it was great that I have a goal with what I want to do in life and it was great that I have high aspirations.

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