Theresienstadt was a ghetto and a concentration camp and a transient camp. People came people left. Terezin is not like other camps conditions were okay. Conditions were not terrible or wonderful. Terezin was the "death place". terezin was located in Czechoslovakia. Those are the basics of Terezin.

Life in the camp/ghetto

Life wasnt that hard. Well not as hard as it was in Aushwitz or Bergen-belelsen. They provided food and water and housing. Life had its up and downs. People came and people left. People died and people that came took their place.

International Red Cross Visit

This visit happened at the end of 1993. They put in a cafe, stores, school, bank, etc just for this visit. The"cast" of the film they made they sent the "cast" to Aushwitz to be gassed.

The Last 6 Months

The last 6 months the jewish population went up. May 8 was the date Theresienstadt was liberated. The last jew left was on August 17,1945. The last 6 month were rough they gassed alot of people. 144,000 Jew sent Terezin 33,000 died.

What Where People Thinking?

Some people PAID to get into Terezin. Those people requested rooms. Some people wore top hats and dresses. They wanted to go to Terezin . They thought it was a holiday (vacation).
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