Welcome to Virginia

Colonial Advertisement Project: By Dasia Braxton

Britain was the first to settle in Virginia, their main goal was to secure valuable natural recourses in Virginia and export them back to Britain. Another goal was to establish societies built on their own religious beliefs.
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The Beginning

Founded by John Smith in 1607 the Virginia Colony was the first of the original 13 colonies located on the Atlantic coast of North America. John Smith soon became governor of the colony, and he saved the colonists from starvation by trading with the Indians, he also made sure men were employed.

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Virginia Company

An english firm that produce revenue by sending people to America in order to find natural resources in the New World and ship them back to England.


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The main religion in Virginia is Anglican. Virginians found the traditional religious views of Native Americans and Africans to be barbaric.


Bacon's Rebellion: An uprising between poor whites in Virginia who wanted to take harsher actions towards American indians.

House of Burgesses: The Virginia House of Burgesses passed laws that would regulate slavery so poor white colonist wouldn't side with slaves against rich white colonist

Key People